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the mythical beach of Bora Bora

The most beautiful public beach in Bora Bora is a must-see during your stay. For two kilometers, up to Matira Point, white sand, coconut palms and shades of blue offer a unique picture. In the morning, we practice snorkeling in the middle of multicolored fish while at the end of the day we admire a magnificent sunset. Every year, this is where the Hawaiki Nui Va’a, the most famous pirogue race, ends. A festive and joyful moment not to be missed.

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La Pointe Vénus

Between black sand and history

Known for its large black sand beach, its lighthouse and its rich history, the Pointe Venus is popular with families from the East Coast ofTahiti. Here no lagoon but beautiful waves when the north swell is there, turning the beach into surfing spot. You can also, with mask and snorkel, walk the water trail 300 m from the shore. Before you leave, stop at theartisans’ fare between the parking lot and the beach. Nacre, pāreu and shell necklaces await you.

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The most preserved

The bewitched actor Marlon Brando made it his refuge, but today the stars of Tetiaroa are the sea turtles, frigatebirds, brown boobies and other petrels. This beautiful atoll, off the east coast of Tahiti, is home to a natural reserve of seabirds. S’it’s impossible to cross the reserve, strolling along the paradise-colored beachfront and going snorkeling are the promise of a beautiful day. And the Insta selfie is a must!

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PK18, Vaiava beach


The beach of PK18, whose real name is Vaiava, is a coveted space on the west coast. Its white sand, rare on the island of Tahiti, and the beauty of the lagoon make it the ideal place to picnic with family or friends. Its shallow waters along the beach are a joy for children to swim in. The transparency of the water invites you to dive and swim to the nearby reef where fish abound. Do not hesitate to go there with your paddle or kayak for a walk in all tranquility.


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Temae Beach


The large beach of Temae could be your first stop on thesister island after the crossing from Tahiti, for a nap in the shade of the coconut trees, a barefoot walk in the white sand or its turquoise waters. This beach in Temae, is the perfect setting for lazing around, swimming, a family day out as well as a romantic stroll. Or for a meditative break with a unique view of Tahiti as a backdrop…nimbed in the magical colors of the sunrise.

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Avea in Huahine

The seaside of yesteryear

The beach of Avea, with its unspoiled native flora, promises a botanical stroll unmatched on the near island of Huahine. Spared from the rampant planting of coconut trees, its miles of beach will take you back two or three hundred years. It is an opportunity to take a trip back in time: that of these seaside trees, sometimes endangered species, which rub shoulders with the multiple shades of blue of the lagoon. The guarantee of a rare moment in a singular setting.

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Baptised “the beach of lovers”, the Tereia Point announces the color with its magnificent natural setting that communicates something romantic… Calm, beauty, privacy: everything is there! After a break in a real naturally heated pool, you can reach the motu Auira in two ways. The first will take you across the lagoon in the company of stingrays, the second will let you stroll along the shore.

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Anaho Bay


Anaho has to be earned: wanting to get there is an opportunity for an excursion on foot or by boat. After an hour’s walk, one of the most beautiful bays in Tahiti And Her Islands, will reveal sublime views of a dense and varied vegetation. A well-deserved reward, which could end with a moment of relaxation on the white sand beach, protected from the swell and wind.

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Tai o Ra'a in the Gambier Islands

The deserted beach of Aukena

The beach of your dreams, it’s in the Gambier Islands that you will find it. Located not far from the ancient village of Anaputaroa, in Aukena, a small, nearly uninhabited island that is home to the ruins of the first college in French Polynesia. In the shade of the trees that line it, or facing the clarity of its turquoise waters, you can find yourself there in complete privacy. Not to mention the exceptional view the Duff Mountain which dominates the island of Mangareva.

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