Zoological space of Saint‑Martin‑la‑Plaine

Zoological space of Saint‑Martin‑la‑Plaine

Located between Saint-Etienne and Lyon, the zoological space of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine is the zoo turned towards the love of animals. For an afternoon or a day, go and meet the different species pampered by the zoo team, in the middle of a beautiful 12-hectare park.


The zoo as at home

Run by its friendly owners, Pierre and Eliane Thivillon, the zoo is home to more than 1000 species of animals. Birds, felines, reptiles and primates welcome you to the zoo, or rather to their home, given the comfort of their living spaces! Even animals that were destined for a tragic future look happy here. That’s how much they are taken care of at the Saint-Martin zoo.

A park known for its gorillas

The park’s favorite animals? The gorillas, which in 1974, entered the lives of Pierre and his family. After the first gorilla, Alexis, other primates joined the zoological space. First Platon, who disappeared in 2008, with his impressive silhouette and his lively eyes. Then Cocoti, Cossima, Hyasmina, Fatou and Pamela in the 80s. Today, a dozen gorillas live in harmony at Saint-Martin-la-Plaine, and several baby gorillas have even been born in the park!

Families get a change of scenery

For the well-being of the animals, which is the guideline of the zoological space, the enclosures are as well cared for as their occupants. The Saint-Martin-en-Plaine zoo is truly a clean place that exudes serenity and love for nature.

To make your visit pleasant, its facilities are also well thought out: a large free parking lot, many shaded areas with benches and tables, toilets throughout the park and a snack bar to end the walk on a sweet note.