Go listen to the Marlin Rocks

Go listen to the singing of the Marlin Rocks

Some people call them “Devil’s Stones”, others associate them with “the Stone that sings”, the Marlin Rocks are both an incredible viewpoint and a magical place for hikers. The origin of very old and mysterious stories, they are one of the most famous megalithic sites of the Pilat region.


The legends of the Marlin Rocks

Merlin has certainly been there… Unless it was the enchanters of another time. In any case, the number of legends about the Marlin Rocks suggests that they hold a most spiritual secret. It is even whispered that the Devil would have transported these stones in person, before they were used by Gallic druids for their rituals.

The Singing Stone

The Roches de Marlin plateau is located at an altitude of 1,370 meters, with a breathtaking view of the Gier valley. It is very exposed to the winds, which very often makes the quartz of the stones vibrate. the most beautiful of which is called the “Pierre qui Chante”. Curiously, the latter seems to be oriented from East to West towards another megalithic site: the Rock of the Proue.

The Marlin Rocks circuit

Starting from the Chartreuse de Sainte-Croix, classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, the Roches de Marlin circuit crosses a landscape of rolling meadows. The loop hike, 8 km round trip, is otherwise quite easy until the first rocks, where you will have to climb a bit to reach the plateau of the Pierre qui chante.

Discover the itinerary

Come and discover these magnificent Marlin Rocks by following the hiking route.