Architectural stroll and urban art

Architecture and urban art walk

For lovers of architecture and urban art, Saint-Etienne has something to surprise you. The city is constantly renewing itself and attracting artists from the metropolis and the four corners of the world.

Architecture in Saint-Etienne

Long put aside in favor of industry, urban planning has now found its playground in Saint-Etienne. To the delight of residents and tourists alike, buildings and infrastructures are being reinvented without erasing the city’s history.

If you don’t know where to stop, go to the Grûner block to appreciate the bright yellow of the Cité administrative, not far from the École Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture and its rainbow wall. Or go to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art to marvel at its ceramic façade.

Street art in Saint-Etienne

Sainté loves urban art and it shows! We no longer count the urban works and graffiti that are invading the streets and public places. Whether they are made by artists, or not. The most famous couple of local artists, Ella&Pitr, has painted monumental frescoes, such as the one of the sleeping child in the school yard.

Other names, such as Bulbe, Ladamenrouge, Tepio, Oak Oak inspire neighborhoods and industrial areas. Have you heard of this woman with a mask? Made by Viza, it sits on the wall of the Pasqui Art Gallery. When the spontaneity of the artists is not at the rendezvous, it is even the municipality that commissions murals to chase the gray of the concrete.

A walk in the heart of the neighborhoods

Open your eyes wide! While exploring the dead ends and small streets of Saint-Etienne, you may be lucky enough to come across some real urban art nuggets. And to discover a little more about the city of greens, its street art and its architecture, there is nothing like the routes proposed by Saint-Etienne HORS CADRE.

Try the guided tour in Sainté

Are you an urban art lover? Test the circuit HORS CADRE of the city of Saint-Etienne!