The Gorges of the Loire of Roannais

Gorges de la Loire North

Crossing the Gorges de la Loire of Roannais, nature is even wilder and more charming than you think! A surprising territory to see absolutely in the region.


A mosaic of natural environments

North of the Loire, forests, meadows, moors, valleys, lawns and rocky areas shape the Gorges. It is the meeting of water and dry areas in the middle of a dense and marked relief. Whether you discover the site by car or on foot, there is something to marvel at at every turn!

A rich fauna and flora

The Northern Gorges is also a marriage between Mediterranean and northern species. An incredible mixture that brings together dozens of amphibians and reptiles, and even more butterflies and birds like the Great Horned Owl. The vegetation is also interesting with forest environments composed mainly of beech forests, bushes and wild flowers.

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Sites to discover all year round

A choice destination for leisure activities, the North Loire Gorges are ideal for a day trip or a weekend. Impossible to get bored while following one of the paths to reach the village of character Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice or Le Pêt de l’Ane, a superb viewpoint on the largest meander of the river. Without forgetting the emblem of the territory, the castle of La Roche, which dominates the valley and plunges us into the middle of a fairy tale.

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