A night cut off from the world...

Spend a night cut off from the world in the Bourguisan chalet

Do you feel like a total disconnection? Opt for a night in a refuge in the heart of Pilat! A change of scenery guaranteed!

It is lost in the Pilat Mountains that you will find a refuge “cut off from the world” without electricity or network: the Bourguisan chalet!”

An unforgettable experience by candlelight!

Curled in the middle of the woods, the Bourguisan chalet has many surprises in store for you! Without water or electricity, you will spend an evening by the fire to remake the world while watching the stars. Simple moments but so resourcing!

A moment out of time

Take advantage of this break to watch the fabulous sunsets and sunrises from the ridges and come back with a lifetime of memories.

Book your night off from the world

To book your night at the Chalet Bourguisan, contact the Tourist Office of Pilat.