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Walk around & enjoy !

Gourmet stroll in Pilat

Lovers of local cuisine and wide open spaces, walk along the paths to reach the Saint-Sabin chapel in Pilat and finish your walk with a good meal based on local specialties.

A hike that leads to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Pilat!

From the Auberge de Vert’ânes, take the magnificent path that leads to the Chapelle Saint-Sabin. On an easy and accessible loop of about 2 km, cross beautiful beech and pine forests interspersed with the famous Chirats du Pilat. These are stone screes that can be found on certain slopes of Pilat. When you arrive at the chapel St Sabin, the magic operates with an exceptional panorama. The Rhone valley and the Alps in the background.


To have a good meal in all conviviality!

If the hunger is felt, then book a table at the very good inn of Vert ânes which offers dishes from local quality products.

A change of scenery guaranteed here

At the hostel, donkey rides are offered and you can even sleep in a Mongolian caravan or yurt. A change of scenery is guaranteed!