A fun treasure hunt!

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Like Vanessa from the Cash Pistache Blog, come to the Tourbière de Gimel with your adventure bag “Drosira and the Musical Tourbière”.

Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
Hiking proposed by Jean-Jacques

Drosira and the musical bog

If you like treasure hunts and fantastic legends, the adventure game “Drosira is the Musical Bog” is for you. Like Vanessa and her family, take this game and go on an adventure to unravel the mysteries that are hidden in the Gimel Bog. You’ll have to be patient to appease Drosira so that the Bog can return to its peaceful state. A great way to have fun with your family while learning a lot about this exceptional natural site. Read more about Vanessa’s experience in the Parc du Pilat.

Learn more – https://www.leblogcashpistache.fr/loire-road-trip-dans-le-parc-du-pilat/

To get this game

To get there, you can go to the parking lot located on the plateau just before arriving at the Jasserie du Pilat. You can also start the route from the Col de l’Oeillon. Please note that this route is frequented on weekends when the weather conditions are good. From the Œillon along the fence, off the path to the south, or by the path to the north.