Sauvain : an ancient fortified village


A former fortified village of the Monts du Forez, only one door remains from this defensive complex, which is now called the fortified door. The village presents an architectural unity, most of the buildings highlighting their stone construction.


The cradle of the Fourme de Montbrison cheese

It is important to know that the village center was in the past directly linked to the castle, the current church built in the 11th century and then reworked in the 13th century, classified as a historical monument, being built in place of the castle chapel. From a height, one can see the unity of the buildings, surrounded by the circular walkway which can still be seen today. The village of Sauvain is the cradle of the Fourme de Montbrison cheese and the gateway to the Hautes Chaumes. The “fourme de Montbrison” is the engine of the economic life of the village.