Remarkable site of the Fourme de Montbrison taste

Remarkable site of the Fourme de Montbrison taste

The Fourme de Montbrison: The treasure of the Haut-Forez


A soft blue that has its own character

Underneath this cylinder with a dry, orange-colored rind lies a creamy paste, marbled with a blue-green marbling. A soft blue that has its own character.
It goes back to the time of the Arvernes, before the Romans! The fourme is made with the milk of cows from the Haut-Forez region, which go up to the summer pastures at an altitude of 1634 meters, to enjoy the rich grass. It has a PDO and is available in pasteurized and raw milk, organic or not. There are four farm producers and three production workshops.
Of course, it has common origins with the Fourme d’Ambert, produced on the other side of the Forez massif. Ours is salted in the mass, molded by hand and drained on wooden gutters for at least six days.
Taste: A mixture of sweetness and character, with a texture that is both firm and unctuous. The most subtle notes are perceived at the end of spring and in autumn.
Serving suggestions: It is best to take it out of the refrigerator two hours before eating. It goes perfectly well with rye bread and farmhouse bread. It can also be diced, grated or made into a fondue.


The Fourme de Montbrison in video

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