Pierre Bazanne: a true haven of peace

Pierre Bazanne

Culminating at 1394m above sea level, this basalt boulder offers a true natural haven in the middle of the mountains.


Not just a "big rock

The Grande Pierre Bazanne is a neck of volcanic origin emerging from the Hautes Chaumes du Forez. Overlooking the forests, it offers a magnificent 360° panorama to those who climb it. In the heart of a virgin countryside, one feels instantly soothed and refreshed.

A playful rock

A disturbing phenomenon is to be experienced near the Grande Pierre Bazanne: two meters from the rock, the magnetized compass needles go crazy and even tend to point south!

A playground for hikers

There are many hiking routes that will allow you to discover the Grande Pierre Bazanne as well as its little sister, the Petite Pierre Bazanne.