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A cani‑rando on the Pilat ridges


Leave to synchronize for Pilat

Belt on the hips, harness put on the dog, we cling to each other.

Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
Hiking proposed by Jean-Jacques

Discover Cani Rando with an enthusiast

It is Jean-Jacques de Kimudjuk* accompanied by his pack of 40 dogs (huskies and Greenlanders) who initiates lovers of nature and these furry beasts to a cani rando or cani cross to discover the Crêts du Pilat.

*Kimudjuk – Sled Dogs Summer/Winter

How does it work?

The hike alternates open trails at a somewhat athletic pace with the dogs. After a few lengths, it’s a new feeling that comes over you: hiking at a faster pace while watching your dog have fun, sometimes with an urge to run.

Back to the starting point

After two hours of regalade; All this little world relaxes all: dogs as human. A beautiful and original sporty outing in the Pilat!


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